June 29th, 2020

Every resident in long-term care deserves a room of their own

HALIFAX -- As Nova Scotia prepares for a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the provincial government must address the challenges of multiple occupancy rooms in non-profit nursing homes.

“Families of long-term care residents have raised major concerns about residents sharing rooms during a global pandemic, but in the stimulus plan announced by the government there is no money to fix this problem,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “As we get ready for a possible second wave, the McNeil Liberals need to make clear how it plans to provide a room of their own for every resident of a nursing home in Nova Scotia.”

Many nursing homes have submitted redevelopment proposals to the government for funding to convert to single occupancy rooms. Many of these proposals have not been approved.

“Eliminating shared rooms is a top priority for us at Oakwood Terrace,” said Anthony Taylor, Administrator of the facility. “We are a non-profit community organization trying to provide the highest quality of care for our residents. We know multiple occupancy could put them at increased risk. We need government support to make this happen.”