July 26th, 2018

Dental care for children needs to be expanded

Halifax -- NDP Leader Gary Burrill is calling on the Liberal government to expand dental coverage for children. Earlier today, the Liberals reversed a July 12 decision to stop covering scaling (cleaning) and polishing procedures for children under 15.

“The Liberals’ actions, to cut preventative dental care for children, and then to reverse those cuts, show the confusion and low priority that surround this issue for Premier McNeil and his government,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill.

While in government, the NDP expanded the Children’s Oral Health Program to include children up to age 14 and put in place plans to expand the service to children up to age 17. The Liberals cancelled the expansion upon taking office.

“One of the most visible indicators of inequality in our province is the state of people’s teeth,” said Burrill. “With 90,000 people in Nova Scotia unable to afford dental care, the only acceptable change to the Children’s Oral Health program is one that expands and extends coverage.”

The NDP introduced legislation in the recent spring session that would expand dental coverage to children up to age 17.