June 11th, 2024

On Davis Day, NSNDP calls for ban on scab labour in Nova Scotia

GLACE BAY – Today, as we mark Davis Day, the NSNDP recognizes the sacrifices of Nova Scotian workers and continues to focus on working toward improving labour rights and conditions. In March, the NSNDP introduced legislation to ban scab labour, or replacement workers, during strikes or lockouts.

“This anniversary reminds us of the need to protect workers’ rights in Nova Scotia. We stand in solidarity with those who want improved working conditions and safety standards, and the right to organize and negotiate fairly,” said NSNDP leader Claudia Chender. “We need anti-scab legislation to protect workers and ensure safe and fair bargaining, and we will continue to press for our bill to be passed in the fall.”

Chender, along with NSNDP Labour Spokesperson and Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier MLA Kendra Coombes, will attend Davis Day events today in CBRM. William Davis was a miner who was shot and killed by company police during a strike against the British Empire Steel Corporation in New Waterford in 1925.

“Today, we reflect on the struggle and sacrifice of miners and their families, and continue to recognize those who fought for the rights workers enjoy today,” said Coombes. “Almost 100 years ago, William Davis and his colleagues bravely stood up for what’s right. We will honour his legacy by continuing to push for better pay and working conditions for Nova Scotian workers.”

The NSNDP bill would prevent employers from using scab labour when workers are legally striking or locked out.

Last month, the federal government unanimously passed legislation to ban scab labour in all federally regulated workplaces. Provincially, British Columbia and Quebec already have similar legislation that bans the use of scabs during a strike.