October 4th, 2021

Conservatives’ silence on housing unacceptable

HALIFAX -- The NDP Caucus is calling on the Conservative government to enact permanent rent control and commit to a clear plan to address the housing crisis. NDP Housing spokesperson Suzy Hansen sent a letter to the Minister of Housing last week calling for action on this file immediately.

“We’re disappointed to see that the Conservative government is not tackling the housing crisis with the urgency it demands,” said Hansen. “The NDP continues to call for permanent rent control. If this had been one of the first actions of the government, people would have been reassured that when the state of emergency is lifted, they will not be facing homelessness.”

During last week’s budget update little was said about the much-needed emergency investments in housing, including wrap-around supports for housing options being organized by municipalities.

“Housing is squarely a provincial responsibility,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The Conservatives must work closely with municipalities, who are struggling to respond in the face of limited support from the province. The NDP caucus is committed to working with Mr. Houston and the Conservative government on the pressing action that is needed on housing.”

The NDP supports changes to legislation to allow inclusionary zoning, permanent rent control, and a first right of refusal for the province to purchase residential properties to maintain affordable housing options.