October 12th, 2021

Conservatives must address housing crisis in first legislative session

HALIFAX -- The NSNDP Caucus is focused on the real issues people care about in Nova Scotia. As the Legislature sits for the first time since the election, the NSNDP will be bringing legislation to the table to address housing, health care, the climate, and equity issues.

“We know that right now there are families under an enormous weight, worried about finding an affordable place to live; and making sure their child gets the mental health care they need; and facing the impact of more frequent severe weather in our province -- and that’s just to start with,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “There are things we can do quickly that will make a difference in people’s lives. We need to do those things now.”

The NDP caucus has two new MLAs following the summer election.

Lisa Lachance is the first genderqueer MLA on record in Nova Scotia. Lachance’s pronouns are she/they and will be using the honourific Mx. when acting as Deputy Speaker.

“Before becoming an MLA I worked in a number of sectors, and I know what happens when the government walks away or doesn’t come to the table with a plan. I want to work towards connection and collaboration with those in need to make sure that people who don’t always feel heard have somewhere to turn,” said Lachance.

Suzy Hansen, the new MLA for Halifax Needham, is the first African Nova Scotian woman to represent the historically diverse community in Halifax. Hansen is one of four Black MLAs elected in August.

“I feel like being in the Legislature, I can inspire others and show them that any one of us can do this work. It’s important that young people see representatives from their community in positions of power,” said Hansen.