November 12th, 2019

Community input needed on short-term rental regulations

Halifax -- NDP Housing spokesperson Lisa Roberts made the following statement in response to the Liberals’ short-term rental survey:

“It’s good that the Liberal government is finally looking for community input on their short-term rental regulations. I have heard from dozens of people who see the effect Airbnb and other short-term rentals are having in their communities and I hope they will fill out the McNeil government’s survey.
We need to have regulations that protect people’s ability to find a place to live. Unfortunately, the survey questions are quite limited and suggest the Liberal government’s regulations will be focused on registrations and data collection, without concern for housing security. From data that has already been collected, and the lived experience of constituents, we know that short-term rentals are having an impact on neighbourhoods and housing availability in an extremely stressed housing market.
Other communities have already moved to control the drastic effect short-term rentals are having on housing. We should do the same and require significant fees for those acting as ghost hotels and for the platforms if they allow unregistered renters on their sites.”