Environment Committee

Encourages links between the party and the environmental movement. The committee works to inform and consult with environmental leaders and amplify the party’s positions.

Equity and Diversity Committee

Focuses on encouraging the NSNDP membership to fully reflect the diversity of Nova Scotia, by promoting perspectives, growing our reach, and actively participating in the political system at large.

Finance and Audit Committee

Administrative committee of the party which provides oversight to the fiscal health of the Party.

Fundraising Committee

The heartbeat of the work that we do, the Fundraising Committee develops and oversees the annual fundraising plan and projects.

Labour Liaison Committee

Works to maintain and further strengthen the relationship and common effort between the Nova Scotia NDP and the unionized Labour community of Nova Scotia.

Rural Issues Committee

Works to promote the unique characteristics and diverse issues that impact the many rural communities of Nova Scotia.

Women’s Action Committee

Encourages the participation of women in the political process and is an organizing space to advance women’s rights and to counter sexism and gender inequality. Ensures women’s and gender diverse voices, values & issues are cultivated and advanced for all Nova Scotians.

Nova Scotia's Young New Decmocrats

The NSYND is the voice for New Democrats under 30 years old and has chapters on campuses and in communities across the province. YND members are committed to keeping issues facing young people on the political agenda and are growing our party for the next generation.

For information about joining these committees email: feedback@nsndp.ca