July 4th, 2024

CHENDER: Statement on MLA Burrill’s decision to not re-offer in 2025

HALIFAX – NSNDP Leader Claudia Chender’s statement on MLA Gary Burrill’s decision to not re-offer in the 2025 election:

“As leader of the Nova Scotia New Democrats, I want to take this moment to thank Gary for his tireless dedication to the work of making our province better for all Nova Scotians.
Gary has been a significant and steady presence in the work of the Nova Scotia New Democrats for 20 years. He has been an important part of my work as Leader since 2022 and MLA since 2017.
A brilliant and dedicated representative in the Legislature, he has always brought his full attention to the work of being the Halifax Chebucto MLA.
Gary famously gives one of the best tours of Province House and has welcomed hundreds of school children from the districts he’s represented. A key moment in every tour, he shows them the seat he holds on their behalf and explains that while that may be the seat he sits in it’s all of their chair as residents and future voters.
Our Caucus and Party have benefited greatly from Gary’s unwavering commitment to social and economic justice. While he is deeply deserving of this time to move away from elected life, we will miss his presence and persistence following the next election.
Until then I am grateful to have him with us in the NSNDP Caucus, fighting for the people of Halifax Chebucto and all Nova Scotians to improve health care, ensure everyone has a home they can afford, and for the dignity of all Nova Scotians to thrive in our province.”