June 30th, 2022

Chender announces NDP Spokesperson and Caucus Roles

HALIFAX - Following the weekend’s Leadership Convention, the NSNDP is ready to hit the ground running. New NDP Leader Claudia Chender announced updated spokesperson roles for the NDP Caucus today.

“Life is getting harder for families across the province, from health care, to housing, and the rising cost of living. Yet, almost a year after being elected, the Houston government is not taking the action needed to help Nova Scotians,” said Chender. “We have an incredible team of MLAs in our Caucus who will continue to do the work to fight for better health care, good jobs, action on climate change, and a province where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.”
  • Dartmouth North MLA Susan Leblanc will serve as House Leader and add Natural Resources and Renewables spokesperson to her critic areas.
  • Suzy Hansen, MLA for Halifax Needham, will take over from Leblanc as NSNDP Caucus Chair as well as taking on the roles of Status of Women and Justice spokesperson.
  • Halifax Chebucto MLA, Gary Burrill will serve as Caucus Whip and act as the Seniors and Long-Term Care spokesperson. He will also sit on the Law Amendments and Health committees, among others,
  • Kendra Coombes, MLA for Cape Breton Centre-Whitney Pier, will remain Deputy House Leader and add Public Works spokesperson to her critic areas. She will also sit on the Public Accounts Committee.
  • Halifax Citadel-Sable Island MLA, Lisa Lachance, will continue to hold the position of Deputy Speaker and add Economic Development spokesperson to their portfolio of critic roles.

A full list of roles is available here.