March 24th, 2021

Burrill: Premier retreats from commitment to protect environment

HALIFAX - NDP Leader Gary Burrill made the following statement in response to the Liberal government removing major provisions of their own Biodiversity Act:

“Premier Iain Rankin said protecting the environment would be a priority. His actions on the Biodiversity Act, however, indicate the opposite. At the first sign of criticism, the Premier has sided with the Conservatives and lobbyists, instead of standing up for conservation and land protection.
Today, we in the NDP find ourselves in the strange position of defending a piece of government legislation that Premier Rankin said would be his flagship policy but which he has not had the courage to stand up for himself.
Climate change and biodiversity loss are accelerating here at home, and around the world. The impacts are easy to see in our forests and waterways. The people of our province want a government that will protect our environment, and on this issue, the Liberals and Conservatives have removed themselves from the running.”