June 11th, 2019

Burrill: Personal information breaches show Liberal government's failure to protect privacy

HALIFAX - Serious breaches of personal health information at the Truro hospital have once again highlighted the Liberal government’s failure to protect people’s privacy.

“Every few months there are news stories about public entities who seem unable to protect our private information,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “As we saw with the FOIPOP portal, and now with personal health information being leaked, online security continues to be an area of weakness for Stephen McNeil’s government.”

2,481 patients may have had their information about their surgeries leaked in this latest breach.

“People who are facing surgery, cancer care, or any kind of health care treatment shouldn’t need to be worried about their personal information being made public,” said Tammy Martin, NDP Health and Wellness spokesperson. “The Liberal government needs to act on the recommendations of Privacy Officer to ensure these issues stop happening. This includes making that office an independent officer of the Legislature.”