November 27th, 2018

Boat Harbour must close on schedule

by Lenore Zann, MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River

After decades of polluting the traditional lands of the Pictou Landing First Nation, we all have a moral responsibility to ensure this example of environmental racism ends. The Boat Harbour effluent facility must close by January 2020, and that shouldn’t change--Chief Andrea Paul has made that clear.

Throughout Pictou county, and around the province, people have been raising serious concerns about the impact of effluent from Northern Pulp on the Northumberland Strait. Unfortunately, the Liberal government doesn’t seem to be listening.

The Liberals, and Northern Pulp, have had since 2015 to solve this problem. Instead of providing leadership, Stephen McNeil’s government has been dragging its feet.

The project is behind schedule, and the necessary public consultation has not been done. As Environment spokesperson for the NDP Caucus, I’ve called for a Class II Environmental Assessment, I’ve called for a Federal Environmental Assessment, and I’ve introduced the an Environmental Bill of Rights that would require all companies to seek the community’s approval for projects that could potentially negatively impact our environment. So far, the Liberals have shown no interest in supporting any of these initiatives.

The ball is in the Premier’s court. Time for some leadership.