August 31st, 2020

Action on Assoun case needed

HALIFAX - The Liberal government has failed to act to address the many questions raised by the wrongful conviction of Glen Assoun.

“The renewed public interest in Glen Assoun as a result of the recent media series on the case provides the government with yet another opportunity to do the right thing - to apologize to Mr. Assoun, to call an inquiry into the failures that led to his wrongful conviction, and to provide Mr. Assoun with full compensation,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The Liberal government has a responsibility to Mr. Assoun and to the people of Nova Scotians to act now to make this right.”

Mr. Assoun’s case raises many questions about policing and the broader justice system.

“The Minister of Justice owes Nova Scotians an explanation for how Mr. Assoun could be convicted of a crime he did not commit and spend 17 years in prison. We need a public inquiry to bring closure for Mr. Assoun and his family and to restore public trust in the justice system,” said Claudia Chender, NDP Justice Spokesperson.