September 8th, 2017

Offshore review a chance to strengthen oil and gas regulations

Need to protect Georges Bank

HALIFAX – NDP Energy spokesperson Lisa Roberts has written to the federal and provincial ministers responsible for the offshore industry raising serious concerns with an ongoing regulatory review that no one seems to know about.

The Frontier Offshore Regulatory Renewal Initiative was started in 2016 and has continued throughout 2017. The NDP caucus has spoken with several stakeholders outside the oil and gas industry who only recently learned about this review.

“So far, the review process has failed to meaningfully engage stakeholders beyond the oil and gas industry. Fishers, Indigenous peoples, and community organizations all have an interest in what happens in our oceans and need to be included in this review,” said Roberts.

The Nova Scotia NDP has proposed enhancing protections of our oceans and fisheries by expanding the buffer zone around Georges Bank and ensuring that a capping stick can be rapidly moved into the region in the event of an oil spill.

“Nova Scotia’s fisheries and coastal communities need stronger protections from some of the potential negative impacts of the oil and gas sector,” said Roberts. “Without broad public involvement, the provincial and federal governments will miss the opportunity to strengthen oil and gas regulations offshore.”
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