September 1st, 2017

Gas prices skyrocketing

Liberals must outline plan to prevent gas shortage

HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill is calling on the Liberal government to take immediate action to ensure Nova Scotia does not experience a gasoline shortage because of Hurricane Harvey. Gas shortages are being projected for the East Coast of North America because of damage and shutdowns to oil and gas refineries in Texas and Louisiana.

“Two years ago Nova Scotia experienced a gas shortage. There were several recommendations and it seems imperative that the government provide an update on those recommendations and whether Nova Scotia’s gas supply will be secure,” said Burrill. “The people of our province need to hear from government about their plan to ensure we do not see a gas shortage this fall.”

Gas prices rose by 7 cents per litre in most parts of the province last night, and further increases are anticipated in the coming weeks. Some analysts suggest there could be up to six months of higher gas prices and reduced gas supply.

“The report on the gas shortage in 2015 highlighted the government’s poor communication and lack of reliable information about the gas supply as a contributing factor,” said Burrill. “Can the Liberals provide an update on what they have done over the last two years to prepare for another potential interruption in supply?”
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