Together, we can do this

I believe in the people of Nova Scotia. There is so much we can do.

We can invest in our hospitals, schools and communities.

We can create an economy where everyone has a fair chance to make ends meet.

We can open the doors of opportunity to a generation of young people who have largely had them shut.

We can make sure that our people have access to clean air and water, and protect our environment now and for generations to come.

Together, we can really do this.

Gary Burrill

Robust and Reliable Health Care

An NDP government will invest in primary health care services for all Nova Scotians.

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Quality Public Education

An NDP government will invest in P-12 education to give students and teachers the supports they need.

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Stewarding our Natural Resources

An NDP government will help local communities meet their energy needs through the development of renewable energy sources.

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Sustainable Economic Development

An NDP government will grow and invest in our economy and make life more affordable for Nova Scotians.

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A Dependable Plan for Arts and Culture

An NDP government will build a thriving creative economy in Nova Scotia.

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Meaningful Representation and Fair Taxation

An NDP government will create a faierer electoral system and update income taxes for the province's most wealthy.

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Connected Communities

An NDP government will restore funding to community groups working on the ground to support people in our province.

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Truth and Reconciliation

An NDP government will recongize and take action on the Recommendations and Calls to Action in the TRC Report.

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Fairness for Workers

An NDP government will create a fairer and more equitable work environment for Nova Scotians.

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Fiscal Framework

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Dive into the details. Read the full breakdown of our commitments for a better Nova Scotia (PDF download).

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