October 8th, 2021

More supports needed for mental health care

HALIFAX -- NDP Mental Health and Addictions spokesperson Lisa Lachance made the following statement to mark Mental Illness Awareness Week:

“Nova Scotians care about mental health and mental illness. As a province we need to ensure that help is there for people when they need it.
From children to seniors, the waiting lists for mental health care in Nova Scotia are too long. Mental health care is health care and we need to support those working to provide the care people need.
Throughout the province, schools, workplaces, non-profits, and communities are working to enhance awareness of mental health and mental illness. This is important work that’s needed to reduce the stigma around mental health and increase access to care.
The NDP believes we need a Mental Health Bill of Rights that, among other things, would ensure 10 per cent of the health care budget would go to mental health care. This, along with improvements in housing, fair wages, affordable child care, and addressing racial justice would take us a long way down the path to a healthier province for us all.”