February 12th, 2021

Members of Advisory Committee write in favour of clearcut moratorium

HALIFAX- Half of the members of the Minister's Advisory Committee on Forestry wrote to the Minister of Lands and Forestry in November to request a moratorium on clearcutting on crown land, according to a Freedom of Information request received by the NDP Caucus.

“It’s now been almost 30 months since the Lahey report was released and several key recommendations have still not been implemented. It’s clear that some immediate action is required,” said Lisa Roberts, NDP Lands and Forestry spokesperson. “Foresters, woodlot owners, conservationists and other community members worried about the state of our forests have consistently been let down by the Liberal government. The letter - which speaks of years of already approved harvests by unsustainable practises - is further evidence that we need to pause, restore trust, and focus on real implementation of the Lahey report recommendations.”

The letter states that the approval of harvest plans by the Liberal government “arguably represents a de-facto rejection of Lahey’s findings.” In October, the NDP Caucus sent a letter to the Minister of Lands and Forestry also calling for an interim moratorium on even-aged harvesting until key milestones of the Lahey report are implemented.

“The Liberal government cannot have it both ways. They cannot pretend that they are in favour of ecological forestry, while simultaneously approving harvest plans that violate the principles of the Lahey report,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The Lahey recommendations were delayed while Premier-designate Iain Rankin was responsible, as Minister, for their implementation, and it is understandable that there is concern for their timely implementation now."