July 4th, 2022

Leblanc: COVID-19 Impact on Health Care Concerning

HALIFAX – NDP Health and Wellness spokesperson Susan Leblanc made the following statement in response to changing COVID-19 restrictions announced today:

“When COVID-19 restrictions change people will understandably be concerned about what this means for them and their families.

The Houston government was elected to fix health care. When the majority of restrictions were removed in March, we saw an increased demand on walk-in clinics, emergency departments and hospitals. Today, we hear about people bringing lawn chairs to wait for emergency care they need, hospital units working short, and people waiting hours for paramedics. The health care system is reaching a critical breaking point; for many people working in health care or those trying to get care things keep getting worse.

People want to do the right thing, but as the cost of living continues to skyrocket they also need to work to pay their bills. Dr. Strang said today that if someone has cold and flu symptoms they should stay home. Many working people can’t afford to stay home. Paid sick days give people the ability to stay home when sick and help protect those around them.

The Houston government’s choice not to provide paid sick days puts more burden on working families. Houston owes people a clear explanation of what they should do if they get sick but can’t afford not to work.”