December 14th, 2022

Houston leaves families paying more for power

HALIFAX – Families in Nova Scotia are facing increasing power bills in the new year following Tim Houston’s unprecedented political interference in the independent regulator process. Final statements are due to the UARB today in the ongoing Nova Scotia Power rate hike application.

“While the Houston government claimed they would protect ratepayers, the opposite now appears to be true. Those left with climbing power bills and more vulnerability to storm damage and power failures are being left behind by Tim Houston,” said NDP Leader Claudia Chender.

The rate hike, over the next two years, is unsustainable for people in our province. Double-digit increases will be very difficult for thousands of families to manage.

Families like those who wrote the NDP about the impact of this increase:

  • “I am a single-income household, and currently pay more for power than I do for a lot of other things. It is a struggle to balance a fluctuating power bill and increasing costs of living. A 10% increase would tip the scales and result in my family going without in a lot of areas. If their expenses are that concerning, perhaps NSP CEOs can do without 10% of their pay.... I bet it would even out!” - East Preston Resident
  • “We are retired and on a fixed income. The increase will definitely impact our pocketbooks as we do not receive Increased income at the rate of inflated costs. How do we keep up with the exorbitant cost of power. 10% and then what is next. How do young families cope?” - Petit Étang Resident

New Democrats continue to call on the Houston government to make substantive changes to our regulatory system to give the UARB the tools to better help consumers, particularly those most vulnerable to huge rate increases, and more clearly address the demands of the climate crisis.