November 15th, 2022

Houston failing to support truly affordable housing leaves families worried about their futures

SYDNEY-- Families who live in affordable housing in Sydney are worried about their futures. Social welfare agency New Dawn is selling four of their properties after getting no support from the Houston Conservatives leaving tenants like Meaghan Morrison worried the new owner will raise the rents.

“We have a government that is giving millions in hand outs to profitable developers with no commitment to provide truly affordable housing,” said Kendra Coombes, NDP MLA for Cape Breton Centre - Whitney Pier. “The Houston government isn’t providing enough support for groups like New Dawn that have actually created truly affordable housing and hope for many people. The Premier is out of touch with the needs of Cape Bretoners and seems more focused on profitable developers while families on the island are being left behind.”

The housing crisis is getting worse and as temperatures drop, more and more families are worried about being able to find an affordable place to live.

In a recent news article, New Dawn CEO Erika Shea said: "Without any support from government, the margins on affordable housing are small and getting smaller.”

The Houston government needs to make real investments in truly affordable housing, the New Dawn projects, and similar organizations across the province.