Families deserve
a break

Nova Scotians are dealing with
skyrocketing cost increases and
the Houston government
is ignoring you.

Claudia Chender and New Democrats will

Rein in Nova Scotia Power and reduce home heating bills

We’ll make sure Nova Scotia Power works for you.

  • Make it so Nova Scotia Power profits are tied to saving people money and improving the grid.
  • Require the creation of a low-income power rate to ensure households are not spending more than they can afford on their power bills.
  • Reverse the Houston government’s cuts to the HARP program, and index the program for future years.

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Get rid of unnecessary vehicle inspections and license fees

  • Waive fees for license renewals, basic identification cards, and change of name or address requests
  • Change Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVI) to every 5 years instead of 2 – bringing the province in line with most other provinces.
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Provide free meals to kids at school

  • Create a universal school lunch program to ensure all children have access to nutritious meals at school.
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Claudia is travelling across
Nova Scotia to hear more the challenges you're facing.

  • Tour will resume once the House ends it's budget session